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PriorAuthNow™ is the only automated prior authorization platform for both procedures and medications.

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What if there was one platform that provided a direct connection between providers and payers to deliver automated prior authorizations?

There is. We built it.

The PriorAuthNow platform is a centralized solution to submit both medical and pharmacy authorizations — and can handle any PA standard. Our digital connection with payers eliminates manual workflows and dramatically speeds up the submission and decision process to accelerate patient care.

PriorAuthNow ePA automation connecting payers and electronic medical records.
Triple the number of PAs processed per day
Instant determinations, reducing the time from PA submission to care
Reduction in avoidable pre-service denials, ensuring faster determinations and less rework
Million lives covered by PAN payer connectivity

The benefits of the PriorAuthNow platform for you.

  • Efficiency. In healthcare, inefficiency is bad for two reasons: 1) it costs too much and 2) it impacts care.
  • Speed. We agree prior authorizations are necessary. How long they should take, that’s where we differ.
  • Ease. A side effect of our solution is that your people will be up to 100% more productive.
  • Cost. It’s going to lower costs. And it’s also free to use.
  • Trust. If you can’t trust your solution, it’s technically not a solution.