The fastest way for payers to reduce their overall cost of UM services

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The problem

Most payer UM processes are highly manual and lack any connection with provider workflows.

The solution

With a single connection to PriorAuthNow, UM decisions move to the point of order, driving automation directly within a provider’s workflow.

We support all prior authorization standards, plus more:

Improving the delivery of UM programs

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Accelerate integrations

Leverage your existing UM systems and partners to expedite integration timelines

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Increase auto-determinations

Automate intake decisions for cases that don’t require clinical interaction

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Streamline critical decisions

Automate the critical retrieval, review, and decisions for procedures, surgeries, and medications

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Find new automation

Monitor provider ordering patterns, care plans, and PA outcomes to identify new automation opportunities

Change everything, without replacing anything.

The PriorAuthNow Network


Access to 100,000+ ordering providers


Payer connections covering 220M+ lives


Payer coverage in all 50 states

Our commitment to privacy and security

Everyone has a fundamental right to the best health care available. PriorAuthNow ensures access to fast, accurate, and secure APIs, expediting appropriate patient care.