No more payer portals
No more phone calls
No more faxing forms

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The problem

Prior Authorizations are notorious for being extremely manual and a barrier to delivering timely patient care.


The solution

With a single connection to PriorAuthNow, staff can automate prior authorization workflows for over 200 payers.

Accelerating patient access to proper care 

Accelerating Patient Access to Proper Care

Member Check

Determine which payer or UM company manages the prior authorization review

Automatic Submissions

Automatically submit prior authorizations electronically once case data requirements have been met

Clinical Workflows

Receive curated, procedure specific clinical surveys and electronic submission capabilities 

Payer Responses 

Continuously receive case status updates and determinations from payers 

Usage Data

Access to data that provides actionable insights around user behavior and patterns that highlights areas of optimization

Secure Messaging

Send fast, accurate, and secure electronic messages to acquire missing case and/or clinical data