Electronic Prior Authorization Automation Software for Providers


It’s Time to Drastically Change the Prior Authorization Process for Everyone

You can have fewer avoidable PA denials, fewer PA appeals, expedited patient care—all without replacing your current workflow and EMR. In other words, change everything without replacing anything.

PriorAuthNow seamlessly integrates into your current workflow to provide direct connection to payers and automate the entire prior authorization process. HIPAA compliant, data-secure, and it is 100% free for providers to use.



Why Providers Choose Us

Increased Throughput

Average team can produce 3X as many PAs. PriorAuthNow eliminates manual follow-up. 

Faster Turnaround

50% reduction in avoidable pre-service denials. Patients are more likely to receive appropriate care.


Instant Decisions

Proprietary APIs directly connect with payers. Reporting provides visibility into payer PA performance.

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Payers are already present, ready to receive, validate and adjudicate your prior authorization requests.

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Desktop screenshot of PriorAuthNow’s electronic prior authorization automation software for providers.
Key Features
  • Single, Automated Workflow: PriorAuthNow tracks the status of all medical and pharmaceutical authorization requests from submission to determination.
  • Proactive Communication: Stakeholders are proactively notified when specific action needs to be taken and a detailed audit trail is created at each stage of the process.
  • Single Solution for PA Requests: All stakeholders can meet on PriorAuthNow’s centralized platform to get the job done faster with less hassle and waste.
  • Robust Prior Authorization Analytics: Gain specific insights into payer turnaround times for different procedures and medications, allowing more predicable patient scheduling and better collaboration with payers.
  • EMR Integration: PriorAuthNow’s HIPAA-compliant software makes it easy to pull relevant clinical data into the prior authorization request, directly from the patient’s record in virtually any EHR system.