Electronic Prior Authorization Automation Software for Specialty Pharmacies

Reduce Medication Abandonment and Increase Staff Productivity with Truly Automated Prior Authorizations

It’s Time to Drastically Change the Prior Authorization Process for Everyone Did we mention it’s free for specialty pharmacies?

Better collaboration. Increased medication adherence. Accelerated Access for All.

Specialty pharmacies are feeling the pressure. With each new drug that enters the market, new prior authorization requirements from payers also emerge, adding to the burden on pharmacies to manage more paperwork with the same or fewer resources. Unfortunately, this trend is unlikely to reverse, as published estimates predict a 20% annual increase in drugs requiring prior authorization.

PriorAuthNow offers a prior authorization solution that connects pharmacies and providers to payers in a single network to accelerate access to care for all patients.

Pharmacies are no longer tied to individual payer portals and an antiquated industry process. PriorAuthNow™ truly automates the prior authorization process, using analytics and its payer-driven rules engine to identify recurring actions and accelerate payer decisions.

PriorAuthNow supports existing administrative and clinical workflows, cutting the time to capture medical necessity data and improving the accuracy of prior authorization requests. The platform even tracks the status of all requests in easy-to-read dashboards, automatically notifying stakeholders when specific action needs to be taken so more requests are completed each day. With everyone connected by the same advanced solution, specialty pharmacies can deliver their patients access to the medications they need to live healthier lives.

Why Pharmacies Choose Us

Improved Productivity

Smarter workflows, data-driven rules engines, and automatic adjudications reduce manual work

Healthier Patients

9 out of 10 determinations come back in one day or less, increasing the likelihood of patients receiving appropriate care

Increased Revenue

Medication adherence and staff efficiencies create the opportunity for access to additional revenues

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The PriorAuthNow network represents many of the major payers across the country. Connect directly to these payers through our platform to validate and adjudicate your prior authorization requests.

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Desktop screenshot of PriorAuthNow’s electronic prior authorization automation software for specialty pharmacies.
Key Features
  • Enhanced Transparency: PriorAuthNow is designed to handle prior authorizations for employed physicians, community physicians, and pharmacies⁠—so everyone can see the status of each request and collaborate with each other as needed.
  • Better Communication: Stakeholders are proactively notified when specific action needs to be taken and a detailed audit trail is created at each stage of the process.
  • Pharmacy System Integration: Regardless of your pharmacy management system, PriorAuthNow’s HIPAA-compliant software is designed to complement existing workflows and expedite the entire process from order to fill.
  • Single, Automated Workflow: PriorAuthNow tracks the status of pharmaceutical authorization requests in intuitive, easy-to-use dashboards.
  • Robust Prior Authorization Analytics: Gain specific insights into payer turnaround times and common approval issues, allowing pharmacists to better set patient expectations and enhancing collaboration with providers and payers.