Electronic Prior Authorization Automation Software for Manufacturers

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As innovative new medications enter the market, providers and pharmacies need a better way to collaborate with payers in getting patients access to the care they need, and manufacturers need more real-time visibility into the prior authorization process. PriorAuthNow™’s centralized platform where all stakeholders meet to efficiently process prior authorizations is the industry’s first and only solution that automates the cumbersome and time-consuming PA process.

The PriorAuthNow solution provides makers of life-changing medications unprecedented visibility across the entire process, from submission to determination, expediting treatments into hands of the patients who need them.

Why Manufacturers Choose Us

Greater Visibility Through Data Insights

Thousands of data elements reveal great understanding of clinical and market best practices

Increased Market

Streamlined prior authorization workflows can help reduce the barriers to patients accessing medications in a timely manner.

Reduced Prescription Abandonment

With faster access to the medications they need when they need them, patients are less likely to abandon their therapy.

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Desktop screenshot of PriorAuthNow’s electronic prior authorization automation software for manufacturers.
Key Features
  • Advanced Data Insights: Provides insight into prior authorization performance data for more informed collaboration with providers, pharmacies and payers.
  • Single Platform For All Medical And Pharmaceutical Benefits: PriorAuthNow features a centralized solution created in partnership with payers, healthcare providers and benefit managers nationwide. By automating the workflow from submission to determination and everything in between, PriorAuthNow covers it all. 
  • Decreased Prescription Abandonment: Prior authorization complexities can lead to frustrations that have a direct impact on provider prescribing preferences and a patient’s likelihood of continuing care. 81% of healthcare providers claim care was disrupted due to lengthy PA processes (Porter Research, 2019). PriorAuthNow removes these barriers to accelerate patient access to care and expand your market access.