Eliminate the Complexities of Prior Authorizations

Reduce costs and accelerate patient access to care: join the PA automation movement to change the way prior authorizations are processed forever.

Bringing Everyone Together on One Single, Automated Platform

Now is the time for the healthcare industry to move beyond electronic prior authorizations (ePAs) to truly automated prior authorizations (aPAs). Because when there is a single, centralized and independent platform where all stakeholders (providers, payers, pharmacies and manufacturers) can meet to process authorizations, why wouldn’t you?

Besides, patients deserve access to the care they need without unnecessary, lengthy delays. 

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PriorAuthNow for Providers

Better for providers. Better for patients.

One of the more cumbersome stages of the patient access process is completing medical and pharmaceutical prior authorization requests. Patients and physicians grow frustrated waiting for determinations, and revenue cycle staff grow weary communicating via portals, faxes and phone calls.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. PriorAuthNow™ offers the industry’s only automated prior authorization solution⁠—covering the process from submission to determination for all types of medical and pharmaceutical authorizations.

Plus, advanced data analytics give revenue cycle managers, payers and manufacturers access to the data they crave to create further efficiencies downstream.

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Key Benefits for Providers

Extreme Efficiencies

Revenue cycle teams have been able to process on average twice as many PAs by using the PriorAuthNow platform. That’s because there’s less back-and-forth time wasted digging through different payer portals and sitting on hold in phones calls with payers.

Fewer Re-dos and Write-Offs

Payer-driven rules embedded in the PriorAuthNow platform ensure providers include all of the right information at the point of submission, resulting in fewer resubmissions, less write-offs and greater staff productivity. 

Faster Decisions

EMR integration and a step-by-step process help ensure all the necessary clinical information is submitted the first time for the prior authorization request. Complete records help reduce response times—some PAs come back immediately.


PriorAuthNow for Payers

Better for Business. Better for members.

Prior authorization requests are an important part of ensuring proper member utilization rates are maintained while also delivering a high level of service to members. But manual reviews and missing information can make the process costly and frustrating for everyone involved.

Working closely with several national and regional payers, PriorAuthNow created a single platform where payers and providers can go to automate the process from submission to determination.  PriorAuthNow moves beyond electronic prior authorizations to a truly automated workflow. And the data that is captured along the way provides valuable insight for continuous quality improvement, ultimately reducing the cost per case and ensuring members get what they need when they need it.  

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Key Benefits for Payers

Reduced Cost Per Case

PriorAuthNow ensures providers are sending all of the necessary  information the first time. Payer-driven rules engines and data analytics identify recurring actions and accelerate automatic decisions.

Robust Analytics

In-depth data analytics on prior authorization requests inform better business decisions and drive transparent collaboration with care providers.

Better Member Care

Easier communication between providers, pharmacies and payers means everyone has the data needed to expedite authorization requests⁠—getting members the treatment they need when they need it.  


PriorAuthNow for Pharmacies

Better collaboration. Increased medication adherence.

As more specialty drugs enter the market, payer requirements for prior authorizations are on the rise, increasing the burden on pharmacies to manage more paperwork with the same or fewer resources. The longer patients wait for determination, the less likely they are to adhere to their recommended medication therapy. PriorAuthNow helps pharmacies expedite the entire process from order to fill, so patients get the care they need when they need it.

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Key Benefits for Pharmacies

Enhanced Productivity

Prescribing physicians can easily collaborate with pharmacies in the PriorAuthNow platform to complete the clinical information needed and submit prior authorization requests to payers. 

Reduced Medication Abandonment

PriorAuthNow’s payer-driven rules engine enables many determinations to come back immediately⁠—accelerating time to-therapy and reducing the chance of medication abandonment.

Lower Costs

With more efficient processes and better data visibility, pharmacy managers can make better business decisions to drive lower costs.


PriorAuthNow for Manufacturers

Better business insight. Improved time-to-therapy.

As innovative new medications enter the market, providers and pharmacies need a better way to collaborate with payers in getting patients the care they need, and manufacturers need more real-time visibility into the prior authorization process. PriorAuthNow’s revolutionary software provides makers of life-changing medications unprecedented visibility across all plans, expediting treatments into hands of the patients who need them.

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Key Benefits for Manufacturers

Advanced Data Insights

Provides insight into prior authorization performance data for more informed collaboration with providers, pharmacies and payers.

Single Platform for MBM and PBM

PriorAuthNow features a centralized solution created in partnership with payers and both pharmacy and medical benefit managers nationwide. Advanced automation and integration create custom workflows for request approvals. 

Decreased Prescription Abandonment

Prior authorization complexities can lead to frustrations that have a direct impact on provider prescribing preferences. PriorAuthNow removes these barriers to accelerate patient access to care and expand your market access.