API powered
prior authorizations

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Welcoming prior authorizations and their associated workflows to the digital age

API Functionality

Member Check

Determine which payer or UM company manages the prior authorization review

Payer Responses

Continuously receive case
status updates and determinations from payers

Case Requirements

Identify required data elements to create a prior authorization case

Secure Messaging

Send fast, accurate, and secure electronic messages to acquire missing case and/or clinical data

Clinical Workflows

Receive curated, procedure specific clinical surveys and ePA submission capabilities

External Alerts

Send automatic alerts and notifications when a change in status occurs or a determination has been made

Auto Submissions

Automatically submit prior authorizations electronically once case data requirements have been met

Usage Data

Data access that provides actionable insights around user behavior patterns that highlight optimization areas

Seamless integration and robust functionality

“Our partnership with PriorAuthNow strategically places innovative solutions, providing better patient access. We enjoy working with the dedicated and talented team at PriorAuthNow and look forward to our continued relationship.”

Avanthi Hulugalle
Director, Product Strategy & Client Success