Software Developer Job Description

Who is PriorAuthNow?

PriorAuthNow, based in Columbus, Ohio, is a venture-backed, growth company building out the only prior authorization solution for all patient care.

We are seeking an experienced Full Stack Software Developer to join our team. You will help build and operate our high-volume B2B workflow tool for healthcare.

Does this describe you?

  • Independent problem solver with excellent follow-through 
  • Great judgment and makes good decisions
  • Help colleagues solve problems by sharing ideas, knowledge, and experience
  • Clear, proactive communicator
  • Self-aware and able to recognize when they need help
  • Results-oriented, not ego-driven

This is what you’ll be doing:

  • Write code that is clear, maintainable and testable
  • Ensure features meet both functional and non-functional requirement
  • Carefully consider performance requirements to avoid under- or over-optimization 
  • Support operations by deploying features and helping to monitor their performance in production
  • Write unit tests to ensure functional requirements are validated and survive future changes, with a special emphasis on testing business logic
  • Work directly with Product team to design features efficiently

These are our qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s in computer science; Master’s degree is a plus
  • Experience building web applications with a contemporary stack and toolchain
  • Experience at a successful internet technology company
  • Desire and ability to learn! We are a Microsoft shop (.net Core 2.x, Azure) but we will provide training to candidates with any technical background.  
  • Consistency in work history

Working at PriorAuthNow…

Every culture has norms, written and, often, unwritten rules that help everyone in the group know how to best exist within and contribute to the group. We have a few guiding principles that together work to form our operating system—the software, if you will, that governs our basic functions.

It’s supposed to be hard. Always be ready to answer, “What do you think we should do?” Time is not our friend. Know the flow. Work the problem. Conversation is not conflict. Do the last little thing.

Above all, we are counting on everyone to use good judgement, grace and common sense to help us all achieve our goal of transforming the way healthcare is delivered.


Please send a resume and a ‘Hello!’ to [email protected]